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“ A very nice discovery of the chocolate world ”

Marie-Cécile, PMU, Paris

“ A great thank you for this excellent moment, full of charm and flavors ”

Jean-Marie, MB Consultants, Paris

“ The team really enjoyed the chocolate tour and discovering theses different chocolatiers, with very specific styles but all delicious ”

Laurence,Version Originale, Paris, France

“ Thank you so much!! A fantastic chocolate tour, Paris is even more tasty now ! ”

Laurie, Revue Global Traveler, New York

“ I never experienced achocolate class before. It was surprising and original. A great connoisseur ”

Mayté, Telefonica, Madrid

“ Lauranie’s knowledge is extensive and her passion for chocolate is deliciously contagious. She has a delightful personality and ensures you have a wonderful experience ”

Denise S., Your Inner Smile, Virginie, Etats-Unis

“ We used to eat chocolat, now we’ll TASTE chocolate ”

Michel C.S., Paris

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