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If you want to put luxury in your top management committees, surprise your clients with an original experience, or offer a breathtaking moment to your investors, The Cognac Club’s tastings are tailor-made for you !

Available in English and French, all around the world.



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The Cognac Club

on demand

The Chocolate Pairings have moved to The Cognac Club.



With the Cognac Tastings, you will enjoy all the beauty of Cognac history, craft making, and aromatic range, whether you be a beginner or a connoisseur.

Our pairings are imagined with the sweetest and the most popular pieces of our gastronomy, to offer you unexpected experiences and the best of this golden drink, and make you feel our passion for this beautiful French made brandy
The level of the tasting depends on the selection of cognacs (from small and confidential brands to most famous ones, like Hennessy or Rémy Martin).


  • CLUB Tasting from 1 000€ to 1 500€ HT
  • PREMIUM Tasting from 1 300€ to 1 800€ HT
  • ULTRA Tasting from 1 800€ to 2 100€ HT

Please contact us for any detail
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